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5 Tips For Buying Tools For Handy Folks On Your List}

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Submitted by: A.Noton

When it comes to tools and giving them out as gifts, and especially to your friends who love handy jobs around their homes, the choices do not come as easy as running to the local hardware and just picking up the latest one. Most people are quite particular about what they want in such an item. Many more love to stick to their old tried and tested work items that have worked for them over the years.

Such items are more personal and quite hard to choose, and especially if you are buying them for someone else who is serious about home repairs and remodeling, and has different tastes, style and preferences. So, how do you get around to buying something that will be acceptable and conveniently functional? Here are some tips.

To start with, know what project types your loved one likes. For the person who only does light and occasional jobs, like picture hanging, or hinge tightening, you can buy them the smaller, everyday-fixes tools. However, for the person who is deep in to repairs and building activities, you might want to consider the more heavy duty and professional standard sturdier tools.

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Secondly, make sure to buy only the highest quality item that you can afford. The best quality items usually happen to be the most expensive. Since such items are long term “investments” for the serious handyman, it is good to buy one that will last a long period of time and survive regular use.

Stick with the standards while keeping it simple. The remodeling and building industry has not really changed much even as time continues to pass. The things that used to work 50 years ago are still the same ones that work today. Unlike the world of gadgets where you go with the latest invention, you need to stick to the old “tried and tested” here.

Look for brands you recognize, and especially if you are buying power tools. The most enduring brand names will usually have quality backing their products. Such brands may also offer very attractive or even lifetime warranties on their products. With such an item, you can rest assured that you have given out value to your loved one.

Choose your store wisely. Whether you are going to order the items from an online based store, or you are going to get them from your local hardware store, make sure that they offer a quality guarantee, as well as a chance to return and/or replace the tool if it is not exactly right for you (or your friend in this case). Since this gift can be quite personal, you may want to give out something that will make your loved one remember you all the time positively when they see it. This can only happen if you give them exactly what they need, with the possibility of return and replace coming in handy.

All said, when choosing an item of use for your friend or loved one, do it like you are choosing for yourself. What do you love or hate about a particular item? It’s probably the same thing they would love or hate. Go with your gut feeling. Above all, choose the best tools store that guarantees you quality and value for your money.

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