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FBC Training 2013-2016

We have Training available for establishing a FBC in your community.

Together WE can make positive changes in this generation and in generations to follow.

For FBC Facilitator Training information for your community contact:

 Teach Our children well.

Be Part of a Culture of LIFE...


We must love one another and treat others in the way that we would like to be treated.



 Strategic Plan 

  • That a framework of Family Building Centres develop in communities in New Zealand, and around the world.
  • That FBC Training in family/whanau life will be offered in schools, pre-schools, Youth Justice Centres, prisons and mental health centres.


In this way the tools for successful family building will be nationally delivered.


A blueprint or pattern for family building will be shared which will ensure the quality control of services.


Family Building Centres will offer a friendly atmosphere where traditional family beliefs, values, and attitudes are upheld and taught.


The need for Family Building Centres has arisen as a result of the breakdown of families over the past 50 years.

With the broken homes have come many broken people, and a dramatic rise in every negative statistic known to mankind.


  • Thinking people in this nation want to reverse this spiral downward.
  • Caring people are needed to become involved in Family Building Centres.

Individuals, service clubs and organisations, central and local government, businesses and corporates are needed to support this initiative.








Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Aunties, Uncles,

Grandparents all need to love each other.

Act Now...Sign up Today

1. Read through the website

2. Sign up for FBC Training in your Community.

3. Attend Facilitator Training and Learn Everything you need to know to START UP a FBC...its as easy as 1,2,3 !

Collaboration is the KEY!

A process is needed to get from where we are now... to where we want to be.

People are patterned by their environment. At Family Building Centres we pattern positive family life, and contribute to safe happy, healthy communities.

Isn't that where we want to be? Living in a nation built on safe communities, filled with happy healthy families? And that none are left out or lonely? So that we can celebrate life together?


We are working to encourage leadership at all levels to end family violence and pattern positive family life.

We are building on collaborative efforts between non-government organizations, service clubs, cultural groups, faith based initiatives, local businesses, corporates, and government agencies, to do all that we can to eliminate child and elder abuse and neglect.

We have comprehensive programs set up for victims and perpetrators.

We are putting an end to intergenerational violence.

We are reducing criminal offending, through our No-Excuses Corrective Training.

We are teaching families to be economically viable without crime.

Family violence impacts on the lives of thousands of New Zealanders every year.

We pattern a positive way of living that creates healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.

Don't Delay...Get Involved Today!

Strengthening New Zealand Families and Communities


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