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Where were you before No Excuses?

"On the streets"

"In youth lockups"


"Expelled from school"

"Staying at mates'"

"In an abandoned building"

"Home Alone"
Before I came on the No Excuses Programme...

"My life was a dark hole"  C.M.

"I was so depressed; I often thought of suicide."  K.K.

"I was bullied at home and at school."  S.G.

"I was a 'gangsta', and knew no other way, 'cause all my relatives were 'gangstas'."  M.F.

"I was lonely - both parents always working."  M.M.

My Time on the Programme

"Showed me a new way."  M.F.

"I got over my addictions... no other rehab worked for me, except this one."  K.B.

"I understand life better now, and my purpose in it."  M.W.

"I learned how to cook, instead of eating fast-foods"

"I learned how to read."  S.G.

"Heaven on Earth"  C.S.

"Showed me that it is better to work than to steal."  M.F.

"I learned more in one month, than I did in my entire life!"  P.M.

"I learned to play music, sing into a microphone, and burned a disc."  C.P.

"I forgave my parents, and have learned a way to have fun without drugs."  K.B. 

"I learned about celibacy, until marriage for less broken hearts, and less diseases." N.S.

"I learned about organics."  M.M.

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