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Unruly students are putting teachers and other students at risk.  Teachers and students are in danger if there are not sufficient supports put into place, for severe behavioural disturbances in the educational environment.

"Teachers are spending an increasing amount of time on controlling students, and dealing with challenges to authority," says PPTA president Debbie Te Whaiti.

Since 2000, primary school suspensions and stand-downs have jumped 31 percent, with alcohol consumption up 25 percent, physical assaults on staff up 40 percent, assaults on other students 33 percent, sexual misconduct up 21 percent and sexual harassment up 83 percent.

Overall figures for primary, intermediate and secondary schools show that since 2000 there has been a 30 percent increase in assaults on staff, a 23 percent rise in sexual misconduct, a 39 percent rise in vandalism and a 43 percent increase in possession of weapons.

It is time for a change!  So that teachers can get back to teaching instead of being disturbed by deteriorating student behaviours.

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