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 Changing Student Behaviour 
Our organisation has been successfully reforming young people with cognitive, emotional, and behavioural problems for the past decade.

We teach the difference between right and wrong.

We unravel underlying causes of recidivist behaviour in a 50 point programme.

After get to the root of the problems, with the young people and their families or care-givers.

We activate self-control, and respect for positive authority, and a resistance to negative authority.

We propel people into getting along with others, and finding their positive purpose in life.
We have a decade of experience in changing behaviours of some of our nation's most 'at risk' youth, into respectful, responsible citizens of our nation.

We have assisted young people who had previously been truant, out of control of parents, and social workers, doing crime to survive, doing drugs to kill the pain.

Our referrals have come from families, social workers, judges, Youth Justice Centres, and prisons.

We want to share the knowledge that we have gained, in how to change negative attitudes and behaviours, with some of our nations most challenging young people.

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We have prepared a comprehensive training package to enable others to use the methods that we have found successful, and offer it now to schools in New Zealand.

We have a track record of success, because we follow the methodology outlined in 'Service Provision for Recidivist Youth in New Zealand', (1998 Massey).

We have scheduled training to enable Facilitators to conduct No-Excuses Training,in schools throughout New Zealand.  The Facilitator will take responsibility for setting up new circumstances in the educational environments in 2007.

No-Excuses Training Facilitators will be equipped to offer design, commissioning, staffing and continued operation of corrective training units, for students with behavioural difficulties.

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