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Tira Ora



Tira Ora Events 2022/23

February 6 - Waitangi Day

February 14 - Saint Valentine's Dinner & Dance 

April 14 - Beginning of Easter Weekend Celebrations

April 15 - Good Friday

April 17 - Easter Sunday - Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bonnets, Easter Banquet

April 25 - ANZAC Day Memorial - Dawn Service

May 7 - World Labyrinth Day

June 4-6 - Queen's Birthday Weekend

June 21 - Mid-year Christmas Party

July 4 - American Independence Day Celebrations

October 22-24 - Labour Weekend

November 1 - All Saints Day

December 24 - Christmas Eve Candlelight Carols, Lighting of the Christmas Tree and Formal Meal

December 25 - Christmas Day Celebrations and Banquet

December 26 - Boxing Day Celebrations

December 31- New Years Eve Celebrations at Tira Ora 

Janurary 1 - New Year BBQ and waterplay in the Bay

For those of you who have celebrated any of these events with us previously; You will know how we love to celebrate and enjoy good times with the events that we host.

If you are not already on our membership list for private invites and would like to join us for any of these special events and/or holidays;

please contact via email to check our availability during these times...We would love to have you with us !