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Guest Comments

A. J. (Germany)
Thank you, I'll come again.


Lindsay Bennett (Colorado)
Thank you for the most beautiful experience, and all of the knowledge.


Jackie K (Rotorua, NZ)
Thank you for the beautiful and breathtaking time I have spent here.


Trydi, Kate, Reuben (Christchurch, NZ)
Wonderful to be of kindred spirit in this wonderful piece of God's creation.


Sarah Sheers (Nelson)
A real opportunity for people to get back to the good stuff in life, I miss it already!


Hayley Strawbridge (Palmerston North)
Thank you so much for all your hospitality. It was an awesome experience. Loved everything!


Claire & Jenny (England )
We so loved being here, so glad we came. We will always remember you all, and your lifestyle will be an inspiration for us.


Martina & Andrea (Germany)
Thanks for the special time, great place.


Nark & Nerita Smith (Canterbury)
What a lovely hideaway. Peaceful & beautiful, thank you for being so kind.


Aisha Allarakhia (UK)
Have had a positively wonderful time here. You're all such fab people, with a great place. Thank you so much.


Julie Morin (Vermont)
I am so greatful to have met you and shared some beautiful days here with you all. Loved the animals and the beautiful land. Thank you so much!


Lisa & Lena (Austria )
Thank you for your hospitality, making our stay that perfect. We wish you all the best, and are looking forward to seeing you again,(maybe in Austria).


Kyoko Tanaka (Japan)
I have been very happy staying here. Thanks for everything!


Jore Wisse (the Netherlands)
Could write a book about my experience here, so exciting...


Frauke Giebnes (Denmark)
Thank you so much, simply for everything! It has been such a great, inspiring, experience. I really enjoyed my time in this lovely place.


Rebecca & Rory Roemisch (Texas & NYC)
We can't thank you enough for your love and hospitality. Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven.


Mike Sousa & Sam Herr (Tulson, AZ USA)
Thank you so much for the hospitality, kindness and fun you gave us during our stay at Tira Ora.


Maggie Stanley (Maine, USA)
Well, I'd have to say, most welcoming & wonderful place on earth. Well that says a lot but in all seriousness I enjoyed our music, talks, cooking, painting! You all really seem to have what so many people don't know they are looking for!


Al Crosbie (Wellington)
What a beautiful place!