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Tira Ora




Tira Ora is located in the Pelorus Sound, top of the South Island, New Zealand.

You can get to us by Sea or by Air...   

By Sea:

Departing from Havelock Marina:

You can take The Mailboat service that runs every Wednesday to and from Tira Ora, and other days on request.

Please click links below to book your transport, or get in touch if you would like us to help you arrange your trip.

By Air:

You can fly from Wellington International Airport with Pelorus Air (25min beautiful scenic flight) 

From Picton (10min Flight)

Blenheim or Nelson airports (15min Flight)

All flights deliver you to Tira Ora's private landing strip.


Tira Ora Airfield – Passenger Service Fee

We ask people to contact us directly simply because Tira Ora is a private property and airfield and we need to prepare in advance for flight operations (the airfield needs to be cleared of animals and irrigation, dogs need to be tied up, etc.)

We also need to know the other transport arrangements, e.g., if a boat needs to be met at the jetty, or moored on our mooring, etc.  Tira Ora is a large property with many animals and paths, so we can't just have people coming and going on their own.  These details are best handled directly with passengers, since they are not relevant to Pelorus Air.

We have a Clubhouse building next to the airfield where passengers and guests can wait before or after flights, if necessary:  flights in the Sounds can be difficult to schedule due to wind and cloud conditions, and light planes from Wellington are frequently delayed due to the operational schedules of the international airport.

Telephone and WiFi access are available in the Cluhouse; plus refreshments, while toilets are nearby. 

The airfield is about 400m from the jetty, so we can provide assistance with moving baggage as well.

We charge a Passenger Service Fee of $20 per person (infants free, 2-12 years $10).  This is payable direct to Tira Ora - it is not collected by Pelorus Air.

For assistance with transport to Tira Ora, call us on: 03 579 8117

or email:  

We will be happy to help you with arrangements.