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Tira Ora



 Social Responsibility 
Read our Responsible Tourism Statement

We believe in protecting the beautiful environment of Pelorus Sound and want to ensure that your children or grandchildren can visit and enjoy it too.  To this end, we've developed an environmental plan.
We have called it "Tira Ora i te Taiao Nei" - Tira Ora and Our Environment.  Click above to view it.

During the last 13 years we have been active in a great varieties of Social Work, much of which was self funded as we feel strongly about making a positive contribution in this and future generations.

Social Activities included: Adventure holiday Camps for local kids, Outdoor Training & 40 days of Purpose for recidivist youth, Family Building Training for NZ & Global Families wanting to up-skill and rekindle relationships, Programs for Single Moms in Otago, Music Therapy for youth, Breaking the bonds of addiction for young adults, Life skills and Self Sufficiency for youth to name a few.

If you would like to contribute into our social programs to provide Training for Facilitators to keep the good work going in New Zealand or through out the world, Your gift will be appreciated.

Please contact with your desire to contribute.